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Casa San Miguel, Casa Beaumont, Casa Salisbury, and Casa Santecito are Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE). They each have dementia care programs, bedridden clearances, and hospice wavers and set to provide care for ambulatory or non-ambulatory residents. Our commitment is to provide the continuity of care and allow our residents to safely age in place. We do that by creating a customized care plan for each resident and addressing his/her individual care needs. We are also very grateful for the partnerships with a number of care providers, nurses, phlebotomists, physical, occupational and speech therapists that are able to come directly to the facility and promptly attend to the needs of our residents.

Care Providers that come to our facilities: 
  • DASH (Doctors Assisting Seniors at Home)
  • On-Call Nurse
  • On-Call Phlebotomist
  • On-Call Podiatrist 
  • On-Call Dental Hygienist
  • On-Call Neurologist
  • On-Call Physical Therapists
  • On-Call Occupational Therapists
  • On-Call Speech Therapists
  • On-Call Wound Care Nurse
We provide the following services:
  • Care for residents with cognitive impairment 
  • Care for ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents 
  • Care for residents with hearing or visual impairment 
  • Care for high fall risk residents 
  • Care for transfer dependable residents (including bedridden residents requiring total transfer assistance) 
  • Care for terminally ill residents (including the end of life care) 
  • Care for residents with dietary limitations or restrictions (diabetes, pureed diet, thickened fluids, etc.) 
  • Care for residents requiring oxygen administration & management 
  • Care for residents requiring catheter management 
  • Incontinence Management 
  • Medication Management Personalized activities 
  • Personalized dietary plan 
  • Housekeeping and laundry 
  • Transportation to doctor appointments & outings
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