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Assisted Living Santa Barbara facilities
Assisted Living Santa Barbara Residential Care Facility
Assisted Living Santa Barbara Residents
Our Mission

Our mission is to cater to the physical, emotional & social needs of each resident by offering the highest level of care & personal attention and creating an atmosphere close to that which you & your loved one would enjoy at home.

Our Facilities

Assisted Living Santa Barbara includes 4 beautiful Residential Care Facilities For Elderly (RCFE). All of our facilities are state-licensed for ambulatory and non-ambulatory. We are set up to provide a continuity of care and can accommodate elderly residents with different levels of needs, from independent living to hospice care. Our totally capacity is only 6 residents per facility, which enhances personal attention & promotes supportive & safe environment.

Casa San Miguel Residential Care Facility Santa Barbara

Casa San Miguel

Casa San Miguel is located in the beautiful coastal city of Santa Barbara on a lushly landscaped three quarter acre estate just 3 blocks from Shoreline Park. Residents can relax and socialize with family and friends in one of the many beautiful garden areas of the facility.

Casa Beaumont Residential Care Facility Santa Barbara

Casa Beaumont

Casa Beaumont is a 6 bed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) located at the end of cul-de-sac in the quite residential neighborhood. It offers a cozy home care environment with a shared living and dinning room areas and a beautiful backyard.

Casa Salisbury Residential Care Facility Santa Barbara

Casa Salisbury

Casa Salisbury is located in the beautiful cul-de-sac area in Northern Goleta. It is a 6 bedroom and 6 bathroom house, which has gone through full renovation process in 2018. 

Casa Santecito Residential Care Facility Santa Barbara

Casa Santecito

Casa Santecito is located in Montecito area off Sycamore Canyon and Camino Viejo roads. The house has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with very specious rooms and lots of natural lighting.

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